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Ok....Just got it has low miles and want to know the tricks. Performance tune?(is it a chip or flash tune?) Best cold air set? Best cat-back Exhuast...no fffin jap crap sound...lol.? Best oil? (i like royal purple)Can dealer do tricks with keyfob for windows up and down like i did with Audi S-Line? What are major issues i should know to expect?
Thank you my friends.

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Oi Vey. A lot of different questions with a lot of differing opinions.

I do not know about the tune but for CAI you have a choice between K&N, or CRAB intakes (look up a guy named Lampoon on here) and there's one other brand...Tornado, maybe? I don't know. I plan on getting a crab one of these days.

Haven't felt the need to mess with my exhaust...so I can't help you there.

I use Mobil 1 Extended Performance with a Mobil 1 oil filter, however, I follow the oil life monitor. You'll hear a lot of arguing about basestocks Group III vs. Group IV vs. Group V. Royal Purple is good stuff...known to be Group IV. Expensive...but good.

The only fob trick I know if is that certain cars are able to have remote start installed easily.

I am planning on installing hood shocks, a CAI kit, auto-dim rearview mirror with compass and homelink, and a Fumoto drain valve...after that my mods are probably done.

Welcome to the wonderful world of G6s. You'll love the car.
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