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my girlfriends car is having some problems. i'll explain the major issue then some smaller ones that might help find a solution.

ok the other night i took her car probably a 1/4 mile to a store. the car would just rev up to 3 or 4000 rpm but wouldn't shift up. it might have gotten to second gear but i'm not sure because i didn't go very far. it was weird but i didn't worry about it. yesterday she drove it probably 25 miles to class and used the interstate. she said it would run at a high rpm the whole way. not sure if it would shift but i assume so since she was going at interstate speeds. after class the car was acting up again and the engine or transmission light came on and she pulled over and turned it off. we called a transmission repair shop with free towing to pick it up. they ran diagnostics today and said it's not the trasmission but the engine isn't tuned right? so he towed it to another shop and said she would be billed by the new place for the tow.

i think it's something electrical. for one her brake lights use to stay on until she pressed the brakes. it quit a few months ago but wouldn't the transmission not want to shift if it thinks the brakes are depressed? second her cruise control would cut off at random times and you couldn't reset it until you turned the car off and sometimes that didn't work. also would be affected by brakes being depressed. the cruise and brake light problems happened a few months ago and maybe surface now but i haven't seen it and she doens't pay attention.

any ideas to the problem?
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