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Hello all, new to the forum, I've been scratching my head on this and wanted some advice before I started it. I have an 06 GT.

I want an aux port to hook up my ipod/iphone. FM transmitters are abysmal and I'm not keen on throwing down the money for any of the wired in adapter kits. Is there an aux port/rca inputs on the back side of my radio that I can tap into and run the wire out to my console area? I'm using XM, but I'd have no qualms about canceling it to make this work.

Any advice you guys can provide is much appreciated!


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The cheapest option is to upgrade your radio to an 08+ model that has the Aux.
There's also a couple of adapters that plug in between the car harness and the radio. I have the uPAC GM-11b. Installation was fairly easy. I don't think it's the greatest thing since sliced bread but for the cost (~$100 on Amazon) it was worthwhile. I can control through the factory head unit, charge, and play songs on my iPhone 3G and have an additional Aux input should I need it.

I posted some pictures of my install in this thread.

~ MattInSoCal
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