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Shifting from 3rd to OD, should result in an rpm drop, that is the normal progression as the gearbox shifts through.
But reading through all of it, this sticks out: 'I'm in drive while still park.', which makes me wonder if the shift cable is broke or partially detached resulting in you being in a different gear than you have selected. Gear cable issues are not unknown on the G6.

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After putting new brake pads on my daughter's G 6 GT I noticed while driving it back to her home the shift from 3rd to overdrive was not smooth. It was sort of searching between the two shift points like it was uncertain as to shift or not . I know this is not uncommon with a transmission that has overdrive but it seems more pronounced than usual . I have a G 6 as well and it is much less noticeable than hers is . This just started to happen . Car has been sitting at home and not driven much due to her working at home due to the Covid19 outbreak . If anyone has had a similar problem or any thoughts on this please reply.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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