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I'm sure you've probably seen and even replied to this topic a million times.
I have a 2006 3.5 v6 Base, I'm looking into replacing the stock stereo with a 2008 stereo with AUX input; problem is, I need to figure out the GM Parts Number that my current stereo is so I can figure out which (if any) of the stereos will swap. I was wondering if there was a way other than pulling apart the dash, to figure out which model I have installed? Photos/Information can be provided.

Also, The 2008 year has a few features over the 2006; will the stereo integrate seamlessly, or will the lack of these features create issues for the DIC?

Before anyone suggests buying an aftermarket stereo and the metra dash kit, I'm looking at the cheapest option at the moment; I can get a 2008 stock stereo at a relatively low price ($92CAD, plus $75CAD to reprogram at Chevy), and (hopefully) not lose my steering controls.
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