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Newbie and I apologize if this has been answered, I have been searching for about 45min and can't find an answer.

We traded our old vehicle in for a G6 at a poor choice of dealership and have had some issues with it, so no surprise when the check engine light came on. It turned off after a couple days and then popped back on the other day. Running fine until today.

My husband was driving to work and saw smoke coming out of the hood so he turned on the heat and white smoke came out of the vents with a burnt smell. He got to work and popped the hood and didn't see anymore smoke. He drove home about an hour later and nothing happened...no smoke, no smell.

We recently got an oil change and a new air filter. We have an appointment in the morning to get it looked at, but I would appreciate some insight beforehand.

Thanks in advance.

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