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2007 Pontiac G6 3.9 GT Convertable
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So I have a 2007 G6 GT Convertible w/ Factory head and Monsoon amp. I am upgrading the stereo system and looking for some help and advice. Ive done some searching but havnt really found an answer to a set up like mine. The doors had the 3 speaker set up in front low mid and high. My first question is how to wire my new speakers up to my LCQ-1 Do I cut the wires leaving the factory amp and wire them to the line out convertor or before the factory amp? Looking around The factory amp has low mid and high wiring so should I wire my new front tweeters to the high wiring and the speaker to the mid or low? Once i run rca out of the line converter to my amp should I run new speaker wire to the new speakers or run the factory wiring out of the alpine amp? Any help would be greatly appriciated.

Gear list........

Have so far

Keeping factory head unit for now
Audiocontrol LCQ-1 6 Channel Line Out Converter With EQ and ACCUBASS
Alpine S-S65C S-Series 6.5-inch Component Speakers
Free 10 or 12 inch sony xplod single subwoofer in a non ported box (Not sure if it should be ported or not?)
Free Kenwood KAC-7205 2-channel car amplifier (Figured this amp I can use for the subwoofer

Plan on getting next couple days

Rear speakers
Alpine S-S65 S-Series 6.5-inch Coaxial 2-Way Speakers (or another set of componets?)

Amp for front and rear speaker
Alpine S-A32F S Series 4 Channel Amplifier 80 Watts RMS x 4
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