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07 GTP 3.6 Alternator

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Hey, its a loooooooooooong shot but I need an alternator for an 07 GTP with the 3.6 (only that model). I checked my works catalog and it seems that this is the only year that has that alternator. I prefer it to be in non working condition because I want to get it rebuilt and have them upgrade the output of it. Mine is whining and I have a feeling its going to be on its way out. If anyone knows of a junkyard near them or see someone parting out an 07 GTP let me know. Also, if you have a GTP and yours goes bad I am willing to pay you the price of the core charge instead of you giving the store the old one and I will pay for shipping. Just let me know. Thanks.

I'm also looking for some winter rims, real cheap. I have the 18 inch GTP wheels and would prefer that my spedometer not get messed up so I would need the overall tire and rim size to match mine. Figured I would throw it in one thread. Thanks.
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That doesn't seem bad but it doesn't list the 3.6. Also, when I searched my catalog it said that the 07 3.6 and 08-09 3.6 had a different alternator. Not sure what the difference is tho.
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