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Hi everyone,

Newbie here, this is only my 2nd post

Has anyone added power adjustable pedals to any year Pontiac G6, that did not come stock? The JF4 RPO code (I believe)

They sell the pedal switch (around $20) Ebay, and the adjustable pedals (around $100) ebay, just wondering if it can be added?

I have a 2007 Pontiac g6 GT Coupe 3.5L LZE automatic with sport transmission, sunroof, leather seats, keyless remote start, 6cd XM radio, heated seats and fog lights. Its basically fully loaded, except adjustable pedals.

I am working on shocks/struts/ Strut brace/ New brakes, calipers and rotors in the next few weeks, while working on some seeping valve covers and a few maintenance issues such as leaking oil filler neck.

Any feedback is appreciated---Thank you
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