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Hi i am new to car audio but i thought it would be fun to replace my stock head unit with a touch screen connected to a PC in the back.

I Have a 2008 Pontiac G6 GT 2 Door

My car has the monsoon system with the factory amp and High Mids and Lows in each speaker location. I found a wiring diagram online and i tapped into the inputs going into the factory amp and wired them to RCA's which connected to the sound card on my carpc. I also connected the Amp Remote to the connection on my M2-ATX power supply.

The PC turns on, the amp powers on and i get this high pitched humming and clicking noise in all 4 speakers. I connected one RCA to the pc to see if it worked and that speaker went silent. I tried playing music through the speaker and i got a high pitched clicking noise and what sounds like garbled music.

I have double check all of the correct positive and negatives. Grounding is good and the high pitched clicking sound does not change as im driving (reving the engine).

On the harness side of the car i have a PAC OS311b box to retain my on star. The humming and clicking happens wither the box is plugged in or not..

I would appreciate any help or ideas as im going on two weeks without any music in my car :)

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