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I bought an 08 G6 about a year ago used (14,000) miles from a dealership and have nothing but problems with it. My display shows the tire pressure completely backwards. i still have less than 25,000 miles on it and out of nowhere the car starts shaking. Diagnostics says cylinder misfire. in the past month, i get a variety of lights that go on and off. Check engine, traction control, brake, abs, etc. it just seems to be nonstop with the vehicle. of course, its still under warranty, but everytime a light comes on, they want another $100 just to check it. and if this is under warranty period, is this a sign of much worse things to come as the car gets older
Bad connection at body control module (loose electrical pins, extremely common) will cause all the abs and traction lights to come on. Engine misfire is most likely causing the shake. Misfires are usually spark plug/plug wire or ignition coil depending on which engine you have.
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