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08 Single Disc Stereo in a 06 - Just a Few Questions...

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I've done my research but want to get a few things straight before I go through with the swap. When I go to the dealer to have them "marry" the 08 stereo with my 06 G6, do they need the VIN of the car the 08 stereo came from? If so, will the company I purchase the stereo from provide that for me? Will I have to request it or will they just give it to me? Thanks for your help guys as I'm excited to swap this out, but need your help.
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You will not need the vin from the 08.

They will hook up the tech2 and relearn your vin to it. Its easy cheesy.
If the Pontiac Tech has any problems I can give you the sequence he goes
through on the Tech2 to do it but I really cant fathom them not knowing.

Its a 2 minute procedure they will probably charge you an hour for. lol

PS...I know nothing about who you got it from or where they got it so I cant
really answer those questions but you dont need it.
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