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I got my car without cruise control (not really what I wanted but long story) and I wanted to add it later. From reading a lot of posts on this forum and a few others, it appeared that I would just need to add the buttons/replace the steering wheel as the proper wires appeared to be there. Since it was a '09.5, it needed to have the DIC controls on the wheel as well, like the Malibu.

After searching eBay for quite a while, I found a Malibu steering wheel for a good price and bought. Although it looked very similar, it didn't fit perfectly (the airbag module wasn't flush but easy to fix). After installing, the DIC control buttons work fine but the radio controls and the cruise controls do not.

My question is do I now just need to have the dealer add the proper code to my BCM or is it not possible? If I only need the dealer (probably using a Tech2), what are the RPO codes (or where can I look them up)? Is there anything else I might be missing?

Thanks in advance!
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