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I am trying to install a stereo and need to connect the park break line. I'm finding online a pin location for it but there is no wire in that pin. I've spent hours searching online but the only other thing I can find is how to bypass it. I can go that way but would really like to just connect it properly. Does anyone know where the park break pin is?

Here is what I've found:
2009-2010 Pontiac G6 Vehicle Wiring Chart and Diagram - X1 Pin 42 (Gray)
Bulldog Security Diagrams - shows the same thing

I'm using the image in this post to determine the location of C-1 (X1)

I'm using this image to identify pin 42

The next question that I have is this: once found, do I tap into it or actually remove it from theBCM and attach it directly to the stereo?

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