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1992 camaro rs

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Nice, that year was close to when the dropped the "IROC" (I think it belonged to Dodge) from them. I liked that model.

Is it still stock?
A friend of mine owned a 68 Rally Sport.
yep it's still stock and only has 120,000 miles on it
Awesome...lose the bra though. ;)
thanks for the complements i've had the car for almost 4 years now i really love the car
Nice. My dad bought my brothers old 91 rs with the 305 TBI. He is rebuilding it for my nephew at the moment. He is gonna rip out the 305 and put the 283 with power pack heads from his 65 Impala in it (~260 hp). The 65 Impala is getting a 396 BBC (402).....MMMMMMMM
Are you sure that is a 1992 RS?

For being "All Stock" it is missing pieces. The wheels are wrong and the hood is off of an IROC (prob '87) the 1992 RS hood did not have the louvers and the 92 Z28 has "stick-on's" here is an example of the Z28 hood. The RS was just plain flat hood. no grills or stickons

Also the wheels are not the Anniversary wheels. Below are the true wheels for that car.

i had one of those cars and i loved it. wish i still had it. One day i will have another one.
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1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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