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2005 G6 V6 Rear knocking sound

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Hey guys,

It's been like 2 months that every time i hit a bump I hear this rear knocking sound. It does not come from one wheel in particular.

Does anybody have an idea what it could be? and if its dangerous to still drive it?

I called my local garage and he told me its (i forgot the name) link rod, or rod joint....anyways its something like that. I was told that its still 100% safe to drive it, just annoying to hear that sound coming from the back.

What do u guys think?
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Could be a shock. If it was mine I would go under and check it out.
ok so i brought it in yesterday and by driving my car he said something to do with a rod in the back needs to be changed. its not dangerous at all and cheap to fix.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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