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2006 G6 2.4L water pump replacement OEM Part # 89036356
This is how long it took me, your time may very
2 1/2 hours to take apart
1 1/2 hours to reinstall without fluids
3/4 hours to fill fluids
All work can be done with the car on the ground, if on ramps might help recover the draining coolant.
Remove motor cover.
Remove coolant.-
Could not find a radiator drain on the radiator.
Used a Harbor freight vacuum brake bleeder, along with my air compressor, to suck the antifreeze from the overflow tank on the fire wall.
Unhooked the 1/4 line by the upper radiator hose on the head and sucked coolant from there. Then removed the 1/2 " line that comes from the lower radiator hose by the thermostat. Ran the suction hose down the lower radiator and then to the thermostat.
Removed the drain plug from the bottom of the water pump. 13 mm socket
Removed the thermostat cover, two 10 mm bolts, and thermostat then sucked the fluid from the line behind the thermostat.
I was able to remove 1.5 gallons doing these things above.
Next I removed the heat shield over the exhaust manifold,13mm socket. This gained needed room. Two horizontal bolts at the head and one vertical bolt at the manifold.
The temperature sensor needed to be removed, deep well 19 mm socket, to gain accuse to a bolt holding the thermostat housing to the block. 10 mm socket (2) short on top (1) long on bottom.
Remove the thermostat housing.
The aluminum tube between the water pump and thermostat housing is trapped between the two and is sealed by o-rings. Pulling on it should remove it.
DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REMOVE THE WATER PUMP PULLEY BOLTS WITHOUT A MAGNETIC SOCKET. The small bolts can easily fall in to the timing cover. This would be bad.
Remove the (4) cover bolts with a 10 mm
Use a small mirror to look inside.
Three bolts hold the gear to the water pump, 10mm magnetic socket
Installing the special tool.- Install Lisle tool #13800 toward the bottom of the access hole. This will help block the bolt from falling in to the timing cover. It still can fall in because the tool does not fully block the opening. The tool is to hold the gear and chain in place.
Tighten the two bolts on the tool to the gear 10mm socket.
I needed to turn the gear to align the holes in the tool to the cover outer bolts. To do this I used a 7/8 open end wrench on the crank shaft bolt to turn it so the Lisle tool could be bolted in place.
Once, tool is in place used a 10mm magnetic socket. I used a Harbor Freight Warrior Item #60384 Quick change set. I had a 1/4" hex ratchet used with the magnetic socket. Room is limited.
The three bolts were not supper tight. Remove the three very carefully. Don't drop them in to the cover. If you do you will have to get them out before running the engine. If you don't severe timing chain damage most likely will occur.
Removing the water pump.
Remove the two long bolts on the rear of the pump, one upper one lower left, 13 mm socket Remove the two long bolts on the front of pump, top one by the motor mount, lower one can't be removed due to frame in the way. 13mm socket
With the four bolts removed I had to tap on the pump to get it to dislodge from the motor.
Once out of the car and on a work bench remove the five 10mm bolts that hold the rear cover to the pump. Once separated removed the O-ring and clean the grove out relay well. I used a small scraper and a wire brush. I used O-ring lube on the new o-ring that was supplied with the new water pump. Reinstall back on the new pump. Five bolts 10mm socket I installed tread sealant to the thread's of the drain plug and tightened. Looks like there was a metal gasket on the plug to also seal it. It was in good shape and reused. 13mm socket Installing new water pump.- Install new o-ring /gasket with o-ring lube into the new pump grove.
Use the small mirror to look and see if the bolt holes in the pulley align with the pump flange. Rotate pump flange till they do. Install one of the front or the rear bolt loosely. 13mm socket With the magnetic socket very carefully install the three bolts that hold the sprocket to the pump. 10mm magnetic socket DO NOT DROP BOLTS INTO THE TIMING COVER Remove gear holding tool.
Tighten the four 13mm socket bolts Reinstall cover with four 10 mm socket bolts.
I used black RTV to seal the old gasket it had part # 570-0004-AA on it if you want to replace it.
Remove the two old o-rings from the aluminum transfer tube. Install two new o-Rings with o-ring lube. OE#90537379 The end of the aluminum tube with the tab goes to the thermostat housing.
Remove rectangle gasket/o-ring and clean the thermostat housing. Install new gasket/o-ring in thermostat housing with o-ring lube, gasket comes round Install the three bolts in the thermostat housing to the block, two short on top one long on bottom, 10mm socket
Use thread sealer on the threads of the temperature sending unit. It also has a metal gasket that I reused. 19mm deep well socket
Install new 180 degree thermostat GM#19137281 gasket 3522676
Reinstall the thermostat cover and the two bolts 10mm socket
Fill with antifreeze I used Preston Dexcool heavy duty, Orange
Double check your work
For o-ring lube I used molykote 111
for thread sealant I used Loctire 567
I also replaced the upper and lower radiator hose this took 3/4 hours, the spring clamps were very tough and my clamp tool was not strong enough to do the job.
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