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I bought this car at auction. Had key cut and programmed. The dash had a steady "error" message and would not start. Pulled of the ecm to find a burnt connection. I took the ecm apart and found a burn on the board and the terminal pin loose. I resoldered the pin and the vehicle started. The car is stuck in limp mode. Engine reduced power horn dont work trunk switch dont work accelator dont work but it will idle for about ten muinutes and then shut off. I leave it alone for a few minutes and it fires back up.
So I am pretty sure it will need a replacement ecm. My question is....
Today I pulled a ecm from the junkyard. Installed it and relearned the key. Car started and will run but with same symptoms.
DOES THE ECM HAVE TO BE PROGRAMMED TO THIS SPECIFIC VIN? I have looked anfd looked and get so many different answers. If so can I relearn this new ecm?
Any and all help greatly appreciated!!!!
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