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2006 G6 GT or GTP?

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Hey everyone,

I'm gonna be going out this weekend to (hopefully) get myself a new car and I've loved the G6 for awhile. I found a dealership that has both the '06 GT and GTP and I'm a little stuck on deciding.

I know there isn't too much that's different between the two models, but I have heard from some people that there tends to be more problems with the GTP. Is this true?

I just wanna make sure I make the right choice, any advice would be great. Thanks! :)
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There is actually a decent amount different between the two trims. I wouldn't say the GTP is plagued with problems at all, I have had my GTP for over 4 years now and it is still going strong. The only problems ever had are warped rotors and leaky sunroof which can happen on any g6.
GTP has a lot more performance than the GT. Go for the GTP if the price difference is not too big.
I have an 06 G6 GTP coupe w/ 3.9L 6 speed manual trans with over 80,000 miles on it that I bought brand new. The only problem I have had other then brakes, tires, and fluid changes was an O2 sensor's heating circuit went bad (could happen to any car, not just the GTP). I would go with the GTP, better suspension and performance. From what I have noticed from reading the forums the G6 with the most problems I believe would be the base model. GTP has better powersteering setup (hydrolic with electric power assist, not sure about GT but base just has electric power steering and there have been issues with this). Hope this helps you make your choice.
Go for the GTP! You wont be disappointed. i had my 06 GTP for almost 4 yrs and had no major issues. I had more issues with my 01 jetta.
I have a base 05. All that was available the first week the car was released LOL
I Still love my car and have no real issues. But i still wish i had the gtp when im modding for power. Everything else i would go on what you feel like paying. If its only a couple grand more go with the GTP
Thanks for all the responses. The GTP that I found is actually LESS than the GT is which kind of caught me off guard a bit, but I think I may definitely swing myself that way.
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