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I have a 2006 G6 GTP with 10,400km on it and had to have the right front hub assembly replaced as the speed sensor quirt working causing the Trac light off, stabilitrack light off and ABS light to illuminate.

My question/comment is: How many others have had to replace such sensors on their G6's?? I bought it in December (06) and have only had it during the winter months here in northern BC (3 months now). I am pretty frustrated with these stupid sensors as i had an Olds Alero prior and had 7 hub assemblies replaced for the same reason (speed sensor failure)....

I had a 1999 Cav Z24 prior to the Alero with abs and traction assist and not once did i have to replace anything like a speed sensor on that car (and you'd think being that it is an entry level a problem like this would most likely show up in a small car like that).

Just curious if anyone has any insight as to why or how these things fail....
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