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RE: Popping Noise

Not sure about the groaning sound, but I have a 2006 G6 GTP Coupe and it's making the popping noise; I can hear it and feel it in the steering when making a slow left or right turn. I attempted to research the problem myself (so I didn’t step into the same trap you fell into), and found that the tie-rod is not the problem; ask them to check your rack and pinion. The rack and pinion on the 06 G6’s is hydraulic; consequently, a little more expensive ($300-$500). From what I understand, after the rack and the pinion are both replaced, the popping will go away. I am soon to send my baby off to the dealer to get this fixed before the factory warranty runs out. Hope this helps; let us all know how it goes.
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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