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4 speed auto. I'm looking at the add-on kit which should only require radio removal.

I've done a bit of homework on this car, so I'm well aware of what is required to run the iPod. Unfortunately they do not offer the newer cable to run/charge the iPhone, otherwise I'd have me some Pandora radio for the morning commute. How awesome would that be?

I got a real nice belkin fm tranmitter tune and play thing for my iPhone it isn't clumsy or anything, it charges the iphone and has an autoscan feature that'll find the best station to transmit on if you don't know already, with built in audio boosters that really work. And best of all I've played pandora through the phone through the trasmitter to my car, and besides the occasional sputter with the cell connection, it worked great... I'd just recommend getting one of these cause its is a lot less of a hassle than what it sounds like you wanna do...or you could get an 08 stereo with an aux.......
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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