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2006 GTP making a screeching noise

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Hello all,
This is my first post so go easy!

I have a 2006 GTP 3.9 6 speed. Last week it started to make a screeching sound from the left front of the car. I took it to the dealer and they said it had a power steering leak and ordered a hose for it. I took it in to have the hose replaced, picked up the car and didnt even get out of the parking lot and the noise was back. So I'm a bit annoyed by the dealer, its going back for a third time tomorrow.

The noise sounds like a pump running low on fluid it a bearing type noise. Think screeching, not good on the ears! Its sporadic, but if I run over a speed bump it nearly always happens from anywhere from 1 minute to 10 minutes then quits.
I am thinking the ABS pump is running or maybe the throw out bearing in the trans, but here the kicker.....
If its making the noise if I apply the brake pedal it gets louder or quits all together. Im telling them that the car is staying until its fixed, every time I have to take it do a dealer its just a huge ordeal. Thank God the lease is up in December!

Any thoughts appreciated!
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how about a little more detail? ... is the fluid low every time? do you see any spots under the car ...

have it run for a couple minutes parked and then see if it leaks ...

does it make that noise on the highway? and what about hitting a bump?
OK, never have seen a leak under the car, never had low fluid that I noticed.
Makes the noise regardless of how fast you are going, it does it sitting still in neutral, coasting in neutral, accelerating, and braking. Its intermittient, when I hit a speed bump it seems to cause the noise to start.

I talked to the dealer early this afternoon and was told that they can hear the noise but cant get it to make the noise long enough to figure out what it is. They wanted me to pick up the car and drive it until it failed basically, saying that it has to make the moise for a longer period of time so they can track it down. I told then that really wasnt an option and that it needed to be fixed. I called 2 hours later and they said that they think its the alternator and will have one to put on it tomorrow. Im in a rental now, so I will have to see what happens.
how was it coming from the left if the pump is on the right?

and it sounds a little fishy to me that it makes the sound when you hit the bump ... what does the power steering have to do with a bump?

please keep us updated
Surprise surprise it was not the alternator making the noise. The service advisor called and told me last Thursday that the car was fixed and ready to be picked up. I made it about 1 mile form home and the noise was back.
I took it back today and they told me that the squealer bar on the rear brakes is making the noise and that I needed a $250 brake job to take care of it. The lease is up on this car in 2 months, so I stopped at Napa and picked up a $50 set of pads and will put them on tomorrow. Up until this happened I had been considering a G8, but too many bad dealer experiences have put a nail in that coffin. The G6 hasnt really had that many things go wrong in 3 years, but every time I take it to the dealer it has been a fiasco.
If I put the pads on it and the noise continues, there will be hell to pay.
im going thru the same problem. Mine does it when i step on the gas. The said new back brakes so i put them on and guess what? still does the same thing.
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