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2006 Pontiac G6 GT 2-door build

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I figured i would post here on the 2006 Pontiac G6 GT 2-door build i am working on...

So what better way to start a thread and i can share my findings. Plans are as follows

  • STS Turbo Kit Designed by www.speedmafia.com
  • Lowering Kit by Eibach
  • Ground Effect Kit (not sure yet)
  • Misc Things (system, dvd player...etc)

But first things first Turbo Kit which is almost finished with the new design :)

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Lol, nah I have been focusing on other projects and out this on the back burner all I need to do is sinish up the oil lines but no rush here. I really need to gat back on it been slacking hard. Let me chop on it this weekend.
i thought i would give an update on an old thread and revive this bad boy... we sold the STS kit and we plan mounting the turbo by the firewall :O)

Not that there was anything wrong with the STS kit just i guys gave me an offer so i sold it... my other issue is tuning so i think i will have to run with ProEFI setup to make this puppy run or my HP Tuner guy said i can do a repin and swap the brain but not sure what i want to do at this point...

Still will stick with 6psi for now but i had some free time this week and i am going through all my old TODO's lol.

so i plan on running a oil-less comp turbo, 38mm turbosmart wastgate and cxracing universal turbo kit...

This kit all together i think is right around 2800 bucks :O) my STS setup was right about the same.

i have a reminder to post pics as i get back into this project. Thanks
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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