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2007 G6 3500 V6 Auto Transmission... Tranny/NOs Questions...

Ok Turbo This Turbo That Right? Not What I'm Looking For... I Had Questions Originally About Turbocharging A 3500 G6 But In The Long Run Well F That... 50 Shot Of NOs And You Got The Kick You Need... Heres My Questions:

Can A G6 Fit A G8 Engine Under The Hood?
Can A G6 Automatic Transmission Be Changed To A Standard Manual Transmission From The G6/G8?
Can A G6 With No Engine Swap Be Made To Hold The G8 6 Speed Automatic Transmission?

And If Any Of These Are Possible, Has It Been Theorized? Attempted?

Also Question About NOs - I Was Told By NX That A 50HP Wet System Would Be The Best Candidate For The 2007 Pontiac G6 GT... Is This True? What NOs Are You Guys Running? Just Thought I'd Ask For My Little Giselle When I Get Home And Get To Run Her Again...
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