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Hey guys, I have a 2007 4cyl G6 and the weirdest thing happened twice now.

First time: The car lost power at highway speeds and as I pull over to stop it died, engine light comes on. I tried restarting it and it ran extremely rough, idle was inconsistent and had no power. Turned it off and got a ride from my friend. Later that same night I had my buddy come back with his trailer to pick it up and take it to the shop and it started right up and drove fine. Codes were #7E8 Engine and #7EA.

Took it to a shop and they said it could be 1 of 3 things: Throttle body valve, throttle body sensor or mass airflow sensor (I think). Apparently these are all connected and affect one another, but he didn't want to just throw parts at it and said it was running fine.

Well yesterday it happened again, only when I restarted it after a few minutes it ran ok.

Any thoughts on what this would be, or if I should try to replace some of these sensors by myself?

Any input is appreciated!
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