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2007 G6 A/C and Temp gauge don't work..

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I traved from Augusta, GA to Montgomery, AL and back last week. No problems over the weekend or this morning. But when I went home at lunch and got back in the car and tried to turn on my A/C, it would not turn on.. I also noticed that the Temp Gauge on the dashboard no longer registers a temperature. I have read that it is the thermostat more than likely. The things I have read says that it sticks once in a while. I had a couple questions:

1. Is this repair covered under my warranty?
2. Is it possible that it will "unstick" itself and be ok?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!
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Your A/C not working could be the PC reading a high temp from a defective thermocouple. The warrenty, ? dono,
You better take it in and have them (dealer or friendly shop) check the code.

Welcome to the club, let us know what's up!
I'm not sure about this but my gut says that your cars PC has a up or low scale burn-out meaning if the thermocouple breaks the PC will read fullscale temperture (about 280degrees F) or low scale (0 degrees F.) This will affect the way your cars operates. The A/C not working could be one of the safety precautions.
Thanks for posting the results.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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