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hi everyone..I am new to the website...I love my 2007 g6 convertible..I have had it for over a year and I have never regretted it....except for every time I want to listen to my mp3 player in my car..

I have 6 disc monsoon....no aux....why no aux?..doesn't make sense to me.

I need help of you guys...what is the best/cheapest solution to be able to play my mp3 player in my stereo?

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...cause they didnt install them prior to 2008 in the G6.
Buy a 2008 radio and swap them. Do a search on here.
I just answered all this the other day....then a few days before that....

This is a weekly question. If your DIC (computer) is no big deal then get an
aftermarket radio. If you wanna keep the DIC then you will need a 2008 radio.
The radios are also married to the car with the dealership TECH2. Thats gonna cost you
to have them program it. There are how to's on how to swap out your radio yourself so the only added expense other than the radio is the Tech2 time.

Integrated Solutions suppossedly have an iPod adapter for our radios but it costs about the same as a new radio.

Since my 6 CD changer crapped out I bought a single CD 08 radio....since most of my music is now XM or iPod I dont need all the CD slots that dont seem to work much longer than 2 years.

I bought my radio through Gmpartsdirect.com

They are the cheapest but they are real assssholes and customer support is nonexistant.
Thats what I just ordered. My 6 disk keeps screwing up.
I ordered:




$ 264.37

Then my dealershiop charged me $80 for Tech2 time. Found out later another dealership charged less than half that price so shop around for that.
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