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First-time posting but have been a "viewing" fan of this site for many years! Unfortunately, it is time to sell our beloved black hard top Convertible (due to our health / age) and trying to determine a FAIR price. Adult driven, have always run full synthetic Mobile 1 oil and changed it every 3000-3500 miles / 6 months whenever that came first. Odometer currently reads 96,293. We purchased this baby new when we lived in WI (stored in winters) and brought it down with us when we moved to FL. Most of her life she has been a "weekend / pleasure" ride but she has also served us well as a daily driver from time to time over the years. Runs and drives great! No leaks or issues, always stored inside, 3.9 V6 engine, 18" wheels, gorgeous two-tone brown on black factory (heated) seats, custom trunk "floor" (to cover the spare), black PERDE headlights, new tires, new battery, aftermarket Sony Radio with backup camera (also have the factory Monsoon radio for any "back to stock" folks), factory (removable) windscreen, and professionally tinted windows. I will post pics as soon as I can. Thank you for any input and/or interested buyers!!!
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