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2007 G6 gt coupe complete audio upgrade

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Right now it's stock monsoon (3 door and 2 rear) Want aftermarket deck, door and rear speakers, amp and subs.

Don't need the DIC. Steering controls optional, won't need them if deck has remote.

Subwoofers- I have 4 15inch cvr kickers. They are 2ohm dual voice coil about 500-600rms per sub.

Amp- looking for stable 1ohm mono amp. 2000-2500watts or 2000watt good amp.

Head unit- want a touch screen but will settle for basic deck. Bluetooth and/or aux is a must. Remote preferred.

Door and rear speakers- anything's that's good band and can take beating.

Basically looking for recommendations and to see what setups y'all run so I get a sense of where to start, how much this is gonna cost me and how much labor. Thanks in advance.
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Does anyone know the speaker sizes for the 8 stock speakers? I think it's 1.5 tweeter, 5.6 midrange, 6.5 midrange and 6x9 woofer. Looking into getting 3 way component speakers that come with tweeter mid and woofer then buy another set of mids separately but not sure if that's what I need as I'm still learning. Don't want coaxial because I'd rather have better sound even though they're more difficult to mess with. I'd rather spend time figuring it out myself and learning... Someone please chime in and school me!!!
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