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2007 g6 gtp price?

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I was wondering what prices should be like for this specific car actually. Since there are so many incentives out from GM I thought it should be much cheaper. I would also receive the GM employee discount as well. And trade in my winter car, which on kbb trade in value it ran to 2,000$ if I get that. What do you guys think?

Just would like some information before I talk with the salesman.

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For the options and mileage that car has it seems like an appropriately priced car.
well whats an average GM employee discount would you think?

EDIT: gmfamilyfirst.com said if its over 6000 miles it should be 11% discount. sound fair?
I got mine for about $13,200 (just under $15k out the door) 2 months ago, it's an '07 GTP coupe and it had 24.5k miles. Their price seems good to me and if you can get another 11% off, all the better.
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