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I have, along with G6, a 2006 Trailblazer. The person I got the PCM tune from only works with GM cars but currently doesn't have a tune for a G6. They would be willing toss the idea around but would need to know that there is some kind of market. I know 2007+ are hard to find tunes for, so if you would be interested please post that you would be. Also, the tune for my other car was $199.00 after the $100 core charge was refunded.

P.S. They include more adjustable settings than Vector and its $150.00 cheaper

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There are already tuners out there with experience with the G6.
You wanna pay less for someone with no experience?

We also already have G6 tuner on here. G6pPrix is here and he
wrote the tunes for Vector!
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