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2007 pontiac g6 gt 5v refernce shorted to ground

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I have an 07 g6 GT that has 17 codes referring to the 5v sensor reference line... Ive troubleshooted until my eyes are crossed in the wiring. The 5v reference line is shorted to ground somewhere, I've traced every wire to all 6 sensors of the 5v and found nothing. Today I took out the ECU to do some further testing, the 3 pins on the gray plug and the 3 pins on the black plug for the 5v reference are all shorted to the case of the ECU. I'm assuming that shouldn't be the case... they should be open from the case of the ECU... am I wrong? is this what's causing my short to ground?
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I don't know for sure, but I would think the case of the ECU should be grounded, if anything. If it's not grounded, it ought to be "floating" - i.e., not connected to anything.
I'm guessing that something in the 5V circuit inside the ECU is shorted to ground, killing the 5V reference. Sounds like new ECU time, to me.
(If you have Tunercat, you can change the VIN in your replacement. But it'll still need to be flashed with the appropriate tune (which Tunercat can also do.)
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