2007 Pontiac G6 GT Convertible
115,656 miles
Auto Start from key fob. White (creme?) leather, heated seats. Mostly black trim with white and black door panels. Wood grain trim around shifter, door handles and radio. Drivers side seat is 6 way electric. MP3 adapter added to factory Monsoon AM/FM/SAT/CD system so you can play your personal collection. Black wheels on car but you can have the chrome wire wheels I took off. (One of the chrome rims leaked but I was told it can be repaired.)
I've had it since 2012. I think I was the second owner. Runs great. Always seemed to have way more power than a little 3.5 liter V6 should have!

Now the bad stuff:
1. Someone tried to steal it so there's some damage to the dash around the ignition switch. They also took the spare and the wheel lock key. I replaced the right rear window they broke but it now needs tint to match the others.
2. The left piston (ram?) that raises/lowers the convertible top sprung a leak a few weeks ago. From reading on this forum it sounds like it can easily be removed and sent to be rebuilt. Used ones are available on ebay also, but rebuilding both pistons seems like a better choice (to me at least!). There's enough pressure to open the trunk and activate the switch for the latches so it can be manually opened.
3. Someone backed into it on a consignment lot. I never got to see the damage but was told it was minor. Lot owner had it repaired. Now a couple years later you can see paint cracking around the left rear wheel.
4. The drivers seat no longer reclines. I took it completely apart and tried to free it up but the hinge mechanisms are sealed/welded shut and no amount of penetrating oil or fiddling with it could unstick it.

Let me know if you need more info or more pics.