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I had an oil change done and was told it was low, no leak mentioned.
My oil light would occasionally come on for a minute or less and go back off, this happened maybe once every day or two.
Next time I took it to same place for an oil change I was told oil was low and this time there was a leak. Immediately after leaving the store i stopped at a light and noticed white smoke coming out of passenger side. I pulled over checked the engine for any oil spillage but nothing. Started driving again and there was no more smoke. I decided to take it to an auto shop up the road.
At the shop I was told the leak wasn't bad and it was able to be drove and didn't need fixed anytime soon, just keep a check every once in a while on oil level.
Fast forward about a month of driving and I am on my way to work this morning and I noticed the oil light came on and stayed on and went off only when I stopped at lights. So I look under car and a small amount of oil was dripping from front end and another leak dripping something from the back end under where the back seats are in the middle. I checked dipstick on my break about 2 hours after the car had been parked on a flat surface and my oil is showing well above the full mark.(check picture)
Should I be able to go to and from work about an hour drive both ways for another day before I get a day off to take it into shop or should I park it?

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