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Hi - I have a 4-cylinder 2008 G6. The pipe going into my resonator (from the catalytic converter) has rusted the whole way around and broken off where it meets the resonator. The resonator itself is super rusty too, and I'd like to get a replacement resonator and install it w/ exhaust clamps (I don't own a welder). But I came here to get a second opinion.

I've seen several threads on the forums about resonators, but mostly about removing them entirely or replacement parts that I think are specific to a model with a 6-cylinder engine.

For example: my stock resonator looks kind of like a muffler (to a novice like me)... it's a big "box" shaped thing. All the replacement resonators I have found are more like a straight pipe. Could I replace my stock resonator with one like that?
Tried to link it, but this is my first post. Example is: "Walker 21665 resonator"

Pic below of my damage


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