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Hi, I recently purchased a 2008 G6 Convertible Hard Top 2 Door and I wanted to replace the interior lights from the ugly yellow lights that come stock in the car to a nice LED light. I did the Dome lights already and went very smooth however when I tried to install new light bulbs in the Enter/Exit Lights that are located in the back seat panels near the floor, the bracket that holds the light bulb bracket pushed right through panel where the bracket mounts. I tried for an hour and a half to come up with some way to grip and wedge the bracket back through the panel but I had no luck. I think i need to resort to popping off the back panel to access this piece.

Sorry for the brief story, but my question is, how do I access this light bulb bracket and what steps are required to replacing this panel? Will the procedure be the same for the convertible as is for the regular coupe? (PS, there is a back seat speaker near this light bracket however it looks like its mounted to a separate panel. Any way to get to the light from there?)


I would appreciate any help you can give.

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