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Purchased my 2008 G6 Convertible in January, 2008, at a few hundred dollars above dealer’s invoice, and then received $5,000 in total rebates (GM cash $2K, GM Card Special $2K, GM Loyalty $1K). Best deal and value I ever received during 35 years of purchasing new automobiles. This convertible is a MUCH-IMPROVED distant cousin of my previously-owned 1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass Convertible (1994 – 2005; 84,000 enjoyable miles).

I had never owned a black car before since they always seem to appear dirty during snowy winter months, and I so didn't intend to purchase the G6 convertible in black. Nevertheless, my wife & I both agreed that the car truly looked best in black, especially with the light taupe leather interior. And so, the car wash will see more of my business from November through March.

Why are we mostly hearing about the convertible's problems? This is my 4th open-air car, and each arrived with a couple of rattles, squeaks, and on two occasions, minor water leaks. With a cooperative dealer and bit of your own tinkering, all of the problems will soon be resolved. If this is your first convertible, whether it’s a soft-top or a HTC, then get used to the inherent complications and quirks of these cars. In the end, if you enjoy riding with the top down, it’s all worth it. [By the way, I have always used heavy silicone oil to condition rubber gaskets and seals, and thereby prevent leaks; my preferred brand is Blue Coral’s Black Magic(TM) Trim and Tire Shine.]

The 3.5L engine is smooth and powerful enough for this car, but it occasionally feels a bit sluggish when passing at highway speeds. Likewise, transmission is smooth. Except for the wide turning radius, the car drives especially well. The American-style seats are extremely comfortable, and the ride is rock-solid. There is minimal front seat wind turbulence. Modern options, especially XM Radio and On*Star, exceed expectations. Fuel economy exceeds 17 city / 26 highway EPA estimates by 10 – 15%.

If Pontiac / GM wanted to make me perfectly happy, these additional features would have been included, available, or changed:

1) Truck space, and more of it, which is fully accessible when the top is lowered. (With the top up, trunk space is fine. I purchased a Lloyd carpeted trunk mat on-line to finish the trunk and cover the spare tire, and that should probably be standard with the car.) Add key access to the trunk, and include a lockout on the trunk, so that it can be made inaccessible when the top is lowered.
2) A compass, integrated with an auto-dimming rearview mirror. Also, heated side mirrors.​

3) A light in the glove box, lighted vanity mirrors, and an under-hood light.​

4) Rear armrests.​

5) Integrate front seatbelts into seats. Current design is comfortable, but certainly not convenient for rear seat entry.​

6) Additional Safety Features: a] Pop-up roll bars behind rear seats. Yes, they’re relatively costly, but they could be life-savers. (These safety devices are already included on several low-priced convertibles.) b] Side airbags which are “combination” side airbags, and thereby include a head airbag chamber.
7) Separate the trip computer from the radio, as in other GM designs. Currently, the XM Radio display has severely truncated titles, and is vastly inferior to my other two vehicles, which also have XM radios.
8) A larger glove box.​

9) Scuff-resistant plastics on the doors.​

10) More powerful gas-struts to assist with opening the trunk lid.
11) Folding rear seats.​

12) Back-up sensors.​

13) HID headlights, with headlight washers.​

14) An adjustable armrest. (Also, include a coin-holder.)​

15) HomeLink.​

After five months, I am very pleased with this car. At about 25% - 50% lower cost compared to other competitive hardtop and traditional soft-top convertibles, the Pontiac G6 HTC is a great value, indeed.

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I just saw a Pontiac review on one of the sports channels and their review went very similar to yours. All of the pros to the G6 model was in fact to offer the American car enthusiast with a car that compares with the high dollar European cars at an affordable price. Pontiac feels this attempt was a success. So do I.
Congrats, where are your pics? :)
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