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I found the following in a post on the saturn aura forums;

Re: AP3 versus AP8 code?
RPO AP8 is a "Remote Starter Prep Package," meaning the car is wired for remote start, but it isn't enabled. Enabling it means purchasing a kit (2 fobs, instructions, and a unique code) from GM. The dealer tech then calls the TechLink Center w/ the code and VIN to get a VCI to reprogram your BCM.

If your vehicle has remote start (AP3 - I think all '07 XRs did) and it works, what's your beef? Just that the RPO code doesn't show up? What codes do show up? Sorry, I haven't been on the Aura forum in a while, so I'm not up on any back-story.”

hopefully it helps a bit
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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