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2009 3.9 hardtop coupe - water pump replacement

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Im a green apple here but I've been taking care of my daughters G6 GT ever since she bought it. Zippy little coupe but man, the constant issues are driving me up the wall. CV joints - no trouble, burning through the transmission lines twice- resolved, brakes and discs-easy for anyone, coolant system? Well that's why Im here.

Ive changed the radiator out after it cracked, new upper and lower radiators hoses, put in a new thermostat, new coolant reservoir, new T junction, and bled the system. Now the water pump needs to be swapped out as its leaking.

Question is this, the motor mount/ absorber circled in yellow on the passenger side, can it be removed without the engine dropping any? I doubt it but better safe to ask 1st.
I might not need to remove it but I've also read others say it needs to be removed to get to the water pump better. I believe its got 5 bolts @37lbs each for torque settings.

Lastly, the 3.9 should not have the issue of having to deal with the timing chain correct? That is just for the 4 bangers. This is a V6. Or am I wrong?

Thanks for any help as I need to get her back on the road before the Lord Humungus starts to think he can rule the Wastelands.

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Thanks Boomer. Fun times ahead but it always pays off in the end when I get her back on the road. I'll do just that and let you know how it goes.
Support the engine from underneath. You can remove the motor mount and it will give you all the room you need. There cars have an aluminum oil pan, so you can even support it under the pan, with a 2x4 between the jack and pan. you can also life the engine a bit after the mount is out to give you better access but dont go crazy. you dont want to damage the other mounts. Its pretty easy overall.
The 3.9L still has a chain, but almost never are there issues with it. IMHO, the 3.9L is the best engine that ever came in there cars bar none.
Thanks for the reply and instructions. Water pump arrived yesterday afternoon so Im ready after work today.
I didnt have to remove the top motor mount and was able to replace the water pump without much hassle and strong language. I believe the 10mm pulley bolts are 18' lbs for torque. I've read conflicting information on the 13mm water pump bolts though. I torqued them to 18' lbs after watching some examples on the 3.5 engine. No leaks, its holding temp. Not as bad as I thought it would be.

Thanks again for the tips.
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