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2009.5 G6 Refresh...

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Does anyone have pictures of the refreshed G6? I've seen the advertisement in the car magazines and I like what I see. I would like to see more and know if the wheels have changed. The interior improvements are nice and I really like them.


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I dont care for the grills....Looks like they are copying the G8.
About time we got a radio upgrade but I bet they put the DIC in it again....
Any newer pictures yet????

I've seen the silver coupe/sedan and white convertible pictures that are on the net. Are there any newer ones showing a coupe in GT trim with the new wheels? (Hopefully in some other colour than silver).



SnowmanG6 caputred these at the LA auto show

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Cool Beans!

I like it! Thanks for the images!!!


Anybody have any idea when the online ordering guide and images are going to be updated? I would like to see the NEW! IMPROVED! wheels that come with the Sun & Sound package.

I'm thinking I might want a GT coupe.

Take care,

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Nice USB input on the front there too!

SnowmanG6 caputred these at the LA auto show

I just sat in this exact car today :)
i wish i woulda taken pictures of the outside though. It does resemble a lot of the G8 in the new Grills, and I can't say that I like the spedo. However, the redesigned radio is an improvment. I beleive that was a 4cyl. there too wasn't it?
New brochure? Update on Web?

Does anyone know if the new brochures are out for this refresh and/or if there is updated ordering information on the web yet?


The new 09 brochure came out and has this new g6 in it
its the 2009.5 thats new. The 09 is the same.

They just changed the bumper covers, radio and speedo cluster.
The rest is the same.
there was a couple at the dealer saturday when i got mine, just the 09 not the 09.5........would love to have the front end on mine though, it looked good imo, like a mini G8 lol
Lower front bumper reminds me of the G5 and the upper grills the G8.
I actually had mine beside one and really compaired them. I decided that
I didnt like it. The new stuff that is.
I saw the new one driving and yeah g5ish so the picture in the post with it looking more like a g8. that was not made? Or a diff. trim?

I do like the new lip spoiler and already found a price with shipping LOL
but i doesnt say what color it is or if its primed. So guess ill wait for some more info.
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