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Long story short a little while ago I pulled into a driveway to pick someone up - stopped the engine - couple minutes later started it only to hear some nasty rod knock.
Pulled oil pan Found culprit One bearing spun Others good - factory machining marks and everything Polished crank Got new bearing Checked with plastigauge On the high side of spec Put back together Made dumbass mistake of trying to start it on a 28°f day Oil too heavy to be picked up by the pump No oil pressure Well shit Ran for 2 mins hoping it might prime Starts sounding like a motor without oil - really loud and clicked Ran for 3 more Shit ain't working Turned off and waited a few days till it was warmer Not really worried about a dead engine bc I was already basically planning on replacing it anyway This morning Idea Drained about a quart of oil from it Put quart in old tranny fluid bottle with pump Put bottle in hot water to warm it up Got wife's pancake griddle Positioned pancake griddle under oil pan Turn shit on high Go take a shower Come back Oil pan nice and toasty Unscrew filter Cold af Use tranny fluid bottle pump to pump hot oil into the inlet and outlet of the engine till it starts squirting back out on me Put everything back Check oil pan again Cold Goddamnnit Heat it up again Unplug fuel pump Crank for like a solid minute Plug it back in Fires right up Still no oil pressure for like 2 mins Turn off Well shit Put tools away Try one last time before calling it Fires up Nothing Walks around front and stares at the v6 Suddenly it starts getting quieter Quieter Oil pressure back No knocks So happy go and tell wife Come back still running good Hear it start to bog Shit Realize didn't reinstall serpentine belt Battery was dying Lol Fix that Good Let it run until it's warm Rev it to 6k No knocks Noice Scanning for codes Gets codes Turn off

This is where it's at ladies and gents. I have some codes I need to address but until the other engine arrives (at least a month) I'd like to drive the $6 rod bearing repair around and see how well it stays.

Codes are as follows: P0011, P0021, P0452 I am using torque for Android to read the codes and it's also giving me a B2AAA so there could be more codes I'm just not seeing. Will post back when I get a better reader.

I know for a fact I need to do a crankshaft position sensor relearn because I had to turn that shit by hand to get to the bearings.

Also feels like it misfires sometimes which could very easily be water in my gas because the thing sat for like 6 months.

Facts: Still don't know why it spun - it was low on oil but why would all the other bearings be good? Motor has 133k on it Everything is stock Floored it every time I drove it Oil pressure in torque doesn't read correctly (just constantly reads like 76psi, maybe a different pid?) Oil pressure sending unit is good tho

Let me know if y'all have any ideas
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