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Hey guys! I'm looking for a little direction here...

Yesterday, my stock stereo starting acting up. First, all of a sudden, the volume on my stereo would not turn up or down. Then, a few moments later, I heard an interseting sound - almost like unplugging speakers from a radio - and then my stereo just turned off. No lighting on the knobs, and worst of all no display or sound. I want to be able to fix this asap, at little cost - because I love the features of this stereo (with the warning systems/xm and all!)

Naturally, I first tried replacing the stereo fuse... but still nothing! Are there any other fuses I should be trying?? Or, has this happened to anyone else??

i also noticed that now, when I exit the car, there is a single high pitched beep that occurs.. this sound was not present before my stereo went.

Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks!
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