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Hi everyone,

I have a 2010 Pontiac G6 2.4 Litre, and I'm having problems.

I'm getting P303 and P203 code, which is #3 cylinder misfire and #3 injector control circuit.
Up to this point I've changed all plugs, air filter, changed #3 fuel injector and #3 coil pack.
Still have the same problem and same codes coming in.
Swapped #3 coil pack plug in with #2 coil pack, got a P300 code that time.

I checked continuity thru the fuel injector harness to main..all tested good.

I have not checked continuity from top wiring harness to fuse block, nor the fuel injector harness back to fuse block.

I'm at my wits end and frustrated..can anyone give me some other ideas to look at?
It has been intermittent, seems to act up more when the weather warms up.
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