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Here is my write up on how to upgrade your G6's speedometer cluster with the 2009.5-2010 cluster with the integrated DIC (Driver Information Center)

This is the OEM option to move the DIC from the stereo to the cluster so that you can run a full sized head unit without losing any factory settings or features. It's way nicer looking than the metra dash kits, way cheaper, and the wiring is actually pretty simple if you already have the factory cruise control.

Side Note: 2005-2009 G6's have a small speaker on the back of the gauge cluster that plays the turn signal sound and all of the chimes and tones.
2009.5-2010 run those sounds through the stereo.
As a result several modules exist to retain those chimes. Some modules also include RAP (Retained Accessory Power) and OnStar.

Here are three modules I found:
Axxess GMOS-LAN-03 Wiring Interface - Retains RAP, OnStar, and Safety Warning Chimes
Metra LC-GMRC-LAN-03 Wiring Interface - Only retains Safety Warning Chimes
PAC OS-311B Wiring Interface - Retains RAP, OnStar and Safety Warning Chimes (I used this one)

Now onto getting ready for your swap.
First you'll need to purchase the speedometer of your choice.
As far as I know there are two designs of the updated cluster with the DIC


That one is the actual picture of mine, I couldn't find a good clear one online and I didn't take one before I swapped the needles.
I chose this cluster because it looks just like my old one, The numbers are slightly larger. some idiot lights were moved, and the needles were the same as the other updated cluster, I decided to swap in the older ones to match it better.
As you can see it also lights up White. It's also fully lit up anytime the ignition is on with the lights off.

I decided to tint the backside of the gauge face with red tinted vinyl to make the lights match the rest of the car. It worked out well but makes it a tad darker.
I'll eventually be soldering new LEDs to the board.

You can see the gaps in lighting when the dimmer is turned down.

Once you found your speedometer you need to also get the new Info and Enter buttons so you can control the Speedometer DIC.

This can be found by looking for a 2010 Pontiac G6 Cruise Control Switch (This only fits the 3 spoke steering wheel, Older G6's with the 4 spoke steering wheel will not fit this button)
ACDelco D1952F

You'll also be adding a wire, So you'll need a specific pin to fit the connector on the cluster.
I ended up buying a connector with wires attached off ebay, since I only needed one I'll sell off the remaining wires to whoever else wants to do the swap. Look for it in the For Sale Section.

Here's the pin and wire.

And you will need to extend the wire so there is a little more play room behind the cluster.
I went with green to match everything better.

I have several pins/wires available for anyone wanting to do the swap. Here is the listing for them on ebay

Now that you have all your parts ready, You can get all your tools and anything else ready!
You will need:

  • 7mm socket with extensions (I used a nut driver with a couple of extensions)
  • Small Flathead Screwdriver
  • Torx Bits/Wrenches (If not available you can use Allen/Hex keys as none of the screws should be very tight)
  • Soldering Iron (If you plan to solder your wiring connection) (There's only one)
  • Wire stripper/cutter (crimper if not soldering)
  • Heat Shrink tubing or Electrical Tape
  • Little pokey stick, like a toothpick

Let me begin by saying that some minimal wiring is involved. And you have to remove the air bag module from the steering wheel.
I strongly advise that you disconnect your battery and wait a few minutes before starting just to be safe.

If you do not feel comfortable with doing any wiring to your vehicle then I don't recommend you undertake this project yourself.
You'll only be working on one small signal wire.
I am NOT Responsible for any damage or problems that may occur to your vehicle. This How-to is intended as only a guide to help aid you with your swap. Some trim levels and years may be different so I can't be absolutely sure this will work on every G6.
(However, the wiring diagrams from 2005-2009 for the cluster all look identical)


We'll start by removing the Gauge Cluster.

First you'll need to remove the Bezel around the Cluster.
To Begin there are two small Torx Screws at the top of the bezel.

There are then two panel clips behind the bezel at the bottom, It'll take a little pulling to yank them out. I tilted the bezel forward so I can reach a few fingers behind it to pop it out.
The two clips are located around where the red circles are:

Then you just need to remove the upper steering column cover, This can be done by pulling up on either side by the stalks

Once removed the bezel and steering wheel column cover can be removed as one piece.

I also pulled the steering wheel as far forward and down as I can for maximum room

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Now you can remove the speedometer
There are 4 7mm bolts holding it in:

After you remove the 4 bolts the cluster can be a bit of a hassle to wiggle out.
The top of the dash will flex a little bit so you can nudge it up a bit to help get that thing out of there.

Once removed you can remove the connector, Use your small flat head to pull up on the clip that the red arrow is pointing to, and just pull it out.

Now to take apart the steering wheel
On the backside of the steering wheel, on either side, there is a small hole:

You can use a smaller allen key to press the tabs just inside those holes.
You'll stick it straight in towards the center of the steering.

Here's a quick view of what you're pressing inside the hole, This little pins release the air bag. Release one side as you pull the air bag forward, then do the other side and it'll pop out.

Once the air bag is removed you can just rest it on top of the steering wheel.
There is no need to disconnect it.

Now to pull the Cruise Buttons on the Left

In the picture below I show two options.
You can remove the 3 larger torx bolts circled in red (this plate is the horn)
Or you can just remove the small torx screw marked with a green arrow:

I wasn't sure how it'll be to remove, so I removed the horn plate, You can just let it hang, but the connector is also really easy to disconnect.

Here's a closeup of the smaller screw holding the buttons in:

After removing the small screw the entire switch and bezel will come out as one piece.
Then just push the small tab marked by the red arrow and unplug the connector:

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Now that you have the Cruise Control Switch removed you can remove it from the bezel and swap in the new 2010 Cruise Control Switch.

Looking at the back side of the switch there are 4 little clips that hold it in.
I marked them with red arrows:

You can use your small flathead screwdriver to move those tabs just enough for the clips to release. Push up on the buttons from the bottom as you pop the clips loose, I started on the left, right, then the top.

Once removed you're ready to swap the new switch in:

The new switch fits the bezel perfectly:

Now you just have to move one wire on the Cruise Switch Connector.
Looking at the connector you will need to remove and replace the light green wire in pin #6 (it goes 1-7 from right to left)

Next use your small pokey stick to press the tab marked by the red arrow. As you press it down pull on the green wire until it slides all the way out:

Once the pin is removed, I recommend pulling on the little tab slightly to ensure it'll stay in the connector when it's replaced.
Pull on the tab marked by the small red arrow, You only need to pull it out a very small amount.

Now with that tab facing the same direction as when it came out, Slide the connector into pin slot #1, Be sure to push it all the way down until it clips in, Give it a tug to make sure it won't come out of the connector:

Now you can connect the Cruise Switch and re-install everything back into the steering wheel:

When popping the air bag module back in you have to push hard enough that the horn will sound.
If you didn't disconnect the battery (tsk tsk tsk) be prepared to hear it beep.

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Now to finish up the wiring.
Start by finding the same light green wire in the steering column, and separate it from the rest of the wires so you can work on it:

You will CUT this wire, the side going into the dash can be taped off and tucked away to be forgotten, The side coming from the steering wheel will be stripped and used to connect to the wire you are adding:

Strip the new wire as well and connect them however you'd like.
I decided to solder and heat shrink my connection:

Now to connect the other end with the pin to the speedometer connector!

Start by removing the blue pin retainer from the connector, Use your small flathead to pop both clips marked by the red arrows:

Now, Looking at the back side of the connector. You will be adding the new pin in the one gap that is marked:

Match the orientation with the other pins and begin to slid it in:

Push it all the way down, you may hear a click once it locks in place.
After it bottoms out, try tugging on it to make sure it doesn't come out.

Once the pin is in place you can replace the blue pin retainer and connect your new speedometer. Just plug it in until it clicks and you're good.
At this point you can go ahead and test the buttons to make sure they work.

Then re-install all your bolts, the bezel and you're done!

INFO will cycle through the DIC information screens
ENTER is used to select settings or clear info fields
Pressing INFO and ENTER together brings up your settings menu.
Only the English/Metric conversion will work while driving, You have to be stopped and in Park to cycle through the rest of the settings.

All of my features and settings work perfectly, but I also have an 09 G6.
If you're doing this swap in say an 05, there is the chance the BCM can have problems communicating with the newer cluster.
The only way to know for sure is to try.
I know WAMS can flash the BCM to the 2009.5 spec if it's needed.
They recommend flashing the BCM, and it makes sense that the software should be updated to work with the updated hardware.
However as I have mentioned, My Cluster, DIC and Cruise/Info buttons work perfect.

Anyone else trying this should post their results to compare if years make a difference.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave a reply or PM me.

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Here is a section of the 05-09 G6 Gauge Cluster Wiring.

I marked the wire you will be adding with a BLUE line to show which pin on the cluster it attaches to, and which pin on the switch it goes to.

B3 on the Instrument Cluster.
#1 on the Cruise Control Button

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Here are the 2009 and 2010 Cruise Control Switch Diagrams.
My program didn't include the proper 2010 Diagram so I just pulled them up from a different source.

The Cruise Cancel button has it's own signal wire, #6, Lt Green. this is the one we are moving.

And here is the diagram for the 2010 switch so you can see how it should be.


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While a bcm flash to the 09.5 spec would be ideal. It has worked fine on my 09, and I'm pretty sure there was success on an 08 and 07.

I have this same how-to thread over on g6performance, in there I mentioned a few minor details that I noticed that I believe a bcm flash would correct, but don't know for sure.

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I just put an 09 in my 08 the gauges look awesome, and i hooked up the new cruise/info buttons too. now that the Info Center is in the cluster, it still flips through the radio one too.
Does anyone now if its possible to upgrade the radio to the 09 radio with the big button on the middle? Or anyone have a wiring diagram on the radios?
I went through and got all the speaker colors down, Theres just so many wires on the 08 radios and I've googled for hours trying to find one.
Do you still need wiring diagrams or help with this? I can probably provide them.
Also I think the harness may be different for the stereo, but I think a wiring kit would still work for that... Not completely sure however

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I bought the new wiring harnesses for radio. I have all the speaker wire colors down but there are so many other wires going on in there.
If you can help that would be great! I happened to take a few pictures of the wiring when I had it pulled apart. I'm not sure if I can upload it here or not.
Also do you know if there is an antenna adapter I can buy? The newer radios are a bit different. I
I have diagrams pulled for an 07 and a 2010 but it shows many of the wires to be the same:



I haven't done this personally but I know other people have successfully mounted the newer stereo in. I'm not sure if the pins are the same but the plugs are just different or what. But hopefully these diagrams can get you a bit closer. They include all possible options.
As for the antenna adapter you can definitely purchase one. Most are to connect an OEM antenna to an aftermarket stereo, but I'm sure it will also work with the newer gm stereo.
Could always do a junkyard run and pull some wires...

End up selling those pin wires? I'll take one off your hands if not. Also did you happen to do a write up on the axxess piece if that's even what you did? Been neglecting the 6 and the forum for a while. Time to show my face more and get a face lift for the 6.

one more question. i have the metra kit installed on my G6 now. once i remove it and put in the new cluster what am i to do with the old plug that goes to the metra kit which was connected to the old radio? is it no longer needed after that and just leave it tucked away back there behind the radio?
Yea all those pins/wires sold pretty quick. There's cluster connectors with wires attached for sale on ebay. Could always get one and pull the pin out.
I may be going to the yard soon so maybe I'll grab a few, I'll post if I do.

I wired up my stereo using the PAC OS-311B Harness, It retained the RAP and onstar, it also brought back the chimes but I left the speaker unplugged because it's nicer without IMO.

I don't totally remember my install. I THINK the dic connector just sits there tucked behind the stereo. But I don't recall if my PAC harness had a connector for it to retain some of the functions. I'd have to pop it out and take a look I guess.

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I've heard of other users losing the gear listing when in manual mode. Seems to be one lost feature that a bcm update could fix. Though im not sure.

I must've got lucky taking my cluster apart to modify it. I was slow as can be with it.
I broke my stock cluster in no time so I took a lot of time on the replacement
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