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*SOLD* 215/60/16 General Altimax Arctic Winter Tires with steel wheels


Last year I bought these tires and the 16" steel wheels for my wife's G6. They were used for about 3 months with less than 3k miles put on them. They still have about 80-90% tread left. These are General Altimax Arctic tires, and they are some of the best winter tires you can buy. The snow and ice ratings for traction are outstanding. There really is no substitute for a great set of winter tires. No "All-Season" will come close to comparing, and the peace of mind these tires can give you driving in the winter is unmatched. I paid over $600 for the wheels and tires last year. I'm looking to get $400 picked up, but I can ship for an additional cost. We no longer have the car so we can't use these for this years winter. I know I've never sold anything on here but I've sold alot of newcougar.org with my old screen name of streetracer8605 and I can show my feedback on Ebay too. I just mainly read alot on here while we had a g6, but didn't get too active. I'm not sure how much shipping would be if your far from Cleveland, Oh but I'm sure it would depend on where your located. Here is the pic of them:

Thanks for looking,


Feedback links:

I can provide more if you'd like.
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