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Exactly!!! Gas prices here are the normal split.. 30 to 40 cent different in extreme cases. Back in sept, 2001 I paid 4.30 a gallon for premium.. Not a huge ordeal. I don't make a ton of money either.. so don't think money isn't an issue..but with cars getting 20+ mpg in town these days.. all you need to do is monitor your driving habits for a while. I curbed crusing and just started drive to work and home from work exclusively. I think I put less than 10 dollars worth of gas in (at 2.10 a gallon) for a week. When I had my camaro and I used to drive excessively I would spend up to 100 dollars a week at 1.70 a gallon. When I couldn't afford to drive around as much I was still able to keep it under 20dollars a week just by driving when needed and not when I felt like it. Its not that hard or expensive when you think about it.
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