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Hello, I seem to be at a loss here. In late November my 08 G6 Convertible 3.5l blew out the passenger lower corner at the lower coolant hose fitting. Replaced upper and lower rad hoses and rad itself (Murray? unit from oreillies) it went about 3 weeks and the drivers side lower corner blew out. Replaced it under warranty and did it again. It lasted about 2 weeks this time. At this point I figured there was something else out of my control going on. Took it to a reputable shop in the area right after new years. Since then it has gone through 3 more radiators lasting roughly a week on average. The second one blew in the parking lot of the shop I took it to. The latest one lasted 3 days of driving to work and back. I have no idea and the mechanic is scratching his head at this point as well. I'm grasping at straws here but has anyone else had this issue? It seems to be at the corners they blow out. Random if it's left or right. This time I'm paying extra and having an OEM Delco unit installed
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