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I have a 2006 G6 GT. It has been a great car - only routine maintenance has been needed so far.

I have had the following done:
New Tires
Break Pads and Rotors
Battery Change
Wipers/ Air Filter
Regular Oil Changes

My car now has 50,000 plus miles on it - and I am beginning to wonder if some further maintenance should be done, like a transmission fluid flush, etc. Any thoughts? Do some things need to be done or are these just the manufacturer's recommendations?

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Same car as mine!

I'd stick to the manufacturers schedule on maintenance. It's good piece of mind to do so.

I run Amsoil 0W30 oil and change it once a year. I don't drive the car much to begin with but I rev the crap out of it. I just passed 42,000kms, or about 26K miles. I'll do a plug change at 60,000kms or 40K miles since I do abuse the vehicle.

If you stick to the 'severe' maintenance schedule versus the 'regular' maintenance schedule, you'll find the car, and related parts will last a LOT longer. If you strictly commute on the highway each day then normal schedule will be fine. However, if you're the type that speeds for red lights, brakes on green lights, darts in and out of traffic or are constantly on and off the throttle and brake, then the severe schedule is the one you want to follow.

Just some more food for thought. Most owners manuals don't stress enough about changing the auto trans fluid. For instance, if the first transmission fluid and filter change is at 60K then you SHOULD change it every 30K thereafter. Why? Because changing fluid only removes 25-35% of the total fill capacity of the transmission. So really you'll be driving around with 65-75% OLD fluid. It pays to change it more often so that the fluid is kept as fresh as possible.

Now, some may doubt this as you CAN get what's called a transmission fluid FLUSH. However, if the transmission is worn (you never really know without tearing it apart) a flush can actually cause more harm than good. A flush can dislodge larger dirt particles in the transmission and they might eventually clog the valve body, leading to a transmission failure. I've never done flushes and changed the fluid every 30K and haven't had a problem in any of my vehicles. I drive about 60K a year between my vehicles. Even my old 3 speed Dodge Spirit back in the day with 260K miles on it, was on it's third head gasket, but still had the original transmission when the frame rotted out.

You might want to add:
-tire pressure AND wear check (rotation if hasn't been done would be wise)
-check brake fluid; if it's BLACK and smells burnt, get it flushed, if it's black and smells, well like brake fluid, you can suck out what you can in the reservoir, and fill with fresh fluid. It'll mix on it's own to a decent brown colour
-same goes for power steering fluid ^
-get a can of fluid film (or another similar product) and spray in all lock cylinders, and door hinges (including trunk!)
-if your winter goes below freezing, I'd advise in buying a $5 can of silicone spray for the rubber weather seals around the doors and trunk, it'll make opening them up in sub zero temps a LOT easier and the rubber seals will stay pliable and thus keep outside noise and rain leaks to a minimum

I fired my GM dealer (that's being nice by the way), and have decided to do all factory maintenance myself, and I save a few bucks in the process. So far I've replaced the air filter with a higher flow unit from Amsoil (dry type $40), installed full synthetic oil and filter ($80), replaced the factory Continental tires last fall with General UHP ($800).
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