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So, Best buy and Fry's both tell me that i "HAVE" to buy the aftermarket DIC unit, harness, and then my deck i choose... remember I have the monsoon stock 6 disc changer. everything else is upgraded except for that. we have no warrenty on the 06 g6, the deck has had some problems with taking the cd.. it would spit it in and out in and out.. and not read it. I've tried taking out the fuse, and nada.. Curious if anyone else has had this problem??

which will cost me under $500.... I think it's pathetic.. how hard is it to install a single disc blue tooth enabled Ipod enabled wireless changer?

Is there an option and is this going to cost me a fortune? how many of you have done this what did it cost? and has it screwed up the computer systems in the car? ( per the dork at fry's) I was like... this is ridiculous... and highly over charged.

I will go in tomorrow for them to "look" at what they can build for me vs. the ugly a$$ aftermarket crap they have at other places..
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